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soldier on - a supernatural fanmix

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password: teamfreewill

01. Kelly Schaefer - Ghost of the Beast
but the narrow path is closing in / sometimes i think i’m too fat to fit on it / when the curtains close because the clouds rolled in / it's taking me right back down / right back down, right back down / to the same dungeon / when the cold heartedness / of the ghost of the beast / is beating on you like a state police / and the only friends that you make / are the ones that take take take / and they take take take and they got big guns

02. Snow Patrol - Fallen Empires
you haunt me most when it's light / the thought of you don’t sit right / i need the darkness, a death grip embrace / raising cities to dust / faces dripping in lust / fallen empires and raging bush fires / all your words confounded / secret lives bound and hid / living backwards in tangled back woods

03. James Vincent McMorrow - Sparrow and the Wolf
for i have seen no joy, only danger / i see no joy, only strangers / i see no joy, see no joy in this world / should you choose to go / please be careful of lonesome roads / men who travel them / will not know / will not know of your ways

04. The Killers - This River is Wild
you better run for the hills before they burn / listen to the sound of the world / and watch it turn / i just want to show you what i know / and catch you when the current lets you go / or should i just get along with myself / i never did get along with everybody else / i've been trying hard to do what's right / but you know i could stay here all night / and watch the clouds fall from the sky

05. Astronautalis - The Wondersmith And His Sons
but now i'm on the run again / this hotel's home to me / they found the other skeleton face down in the stream /.../ you trust me don't you baby? / yeah you'd hand your life to me / let's set this barn on fire / and watch the flames eat up the roof beams /.../ you know i'm good for it / you know my family /.../ let's leave this life tonight / and race the sunrise down the highway

06. Murder by Death - Yes
and now you follow in her footsteps / walk the same steps that she walked in / begged of gods both low and mighty / that she might return / you offer up the words / but they just burn your tongue / yes, everyone comes and goes / white in the head before you know / set things right before you go / let the people you love know /.../ make amends before it gets worse / if the heartache don't get you first

07. AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
dirty deeds and they're done dirt cheap / concrete shoes / cyanide / T.N.T / done dirt cheap / ooo, neckties / contracts / high voltage / done dirt cheap

08. 65daysofstatic - Mean Low Water
[ instrumental ]

09. Noah Gundersen - David
i try to keep my conscience clean / i try to keep myself out of your bad dreams / i try to wash my hands for you every night / lest you find my strangling fingers wrapped around tight / i want to hunt like david / i want to kill me a giant man / i want to slay my demons / but i've got lots of them, i've got lots of them

10. Johnny Cash - I See A Darkness
well, i hope that someday, buddy, we have peace in our lives / together or apart, alone or with our wives / and we can stop our whoring and pull the smiles inside / and light it up forever and never go to sleep / my best unbeaten brother, this isn't all i see / oh, no, i see a darkness / did you know how much i love you? / is a hope that somehow you / can save me from this darkness

11. Joe Pug - Hymn #35
i am the day, i am the dawn / i am the darkness comin' on / and i am once, i am twice / i am the whole, i'm just a slice / some call me gone, some call me here / none are wrong, none are near / i am right now, i am back then / i will return, don't ask me when /.../ i am the old kentucky home / i am the son who runs the farthest / i have done wrong, i will do wrong / there's nothin' wrong with doin' wrong / and i am faith, i am belief / except for when i'm not / i am the teeth of champions / i am rust and water rot

12. Empires - Hell's Heroes
sometimes i get lost in the morning / sometimes i get lost at night / sometimes i throw up in the evening / sometimes i throw up in the night / from the things underneath my heart / that are buried alive / i cried / and i still cry / hell’s got my heroes / maybe i’ll fall in / down to hell with all my heroes / is that what love is?

13. The Temper Trap - Soldier On
are these hands a waste / well this side of mortality is / scaring me to death / to death / don't think about it at all / just keep your head low / and don't think about it all / soldier on, soldier on / keep your heart close to the ground / soldier on, soldier on / keep your heart close to the ground

BONUS TRACK: Snow Patrol - My Brothers
you might think you're cursed but what's so much worse / is the knowledge that you are / when you're cursed with a love that is buried so deep / that you can't dig it out of you / when your crystal ball is a tiring wall / and the road is a dark book end / you know what remains is what needs maintain / but your temper is not your friend / take it easy on me now my brothers

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