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the fury - a dean/castiel mix

[ z i p ]

01. Kelli Schaefer - The Fury

so i'll retrace my steps back to the river / where i first learned to use my hands / where i once lived with grace / love and compassion for the world / oh heaven / give me a second chance / god would you send me somebody who understands the fury / who understands the fury well / he's gonna have to be a fighter / gonna have to know the story / strong enough to tell it to me when i’ve lost my head

02. The Audreys - Monster
it moved in you / again this morning / i heard it flex and stretch / up through the rows of sleep / between last night and us / and i don't have a name for it love / but i know the shape of its claws / well enough

03. The Weakerthans - Sounds Familiar
we emerged from youth all wide-eyed like the rest / shedding skin faster than skin can grow / and armed with hammers, feathers, blunt knives /.../ and that still twitching bird was so deceived by a window / so we eulogized fondly / we dug deep and threw its elegant plumage and frantic black eyes in a hole / and rushed out to kill something new / so we could bury that too /.../ but before i spill the things i mean to hide away / or gouge my eyes with platitudes of sentiment / i'll drown the urge for permanence and certainty / crouch down and scrawl my name with yours in wet cement

04. Amy Millan - Blue In Yr Eye
i feel more burdened as the bourbon starts to seep / hoping it will help me get to sleep / i feel as lonesome as the woman in the moon / hoping that you'll be beside me soon / i'm hoping that you'll lie next to me soon

05. Chris Bathgate - Serpentine
does my name sting your tongue? / now does it beg? /.../ your thin frame has set my eyes to fray / on our dim stretch of this street, how it aches /.../ one brash phrase could crush these fragile days / my thoughts swirl in some shrill sad cannonade / and one such spur that caused my throat to creak / the one dull dawn that i've sentenced to repeat

06. The Tallest Man On Earth - Love is All
and now spikes will keep on falling from the heavens to the floor / the future was our skin / and now we don't dream anymore / no, we don't dream anymore /.../ and i'll throw you in the current that i stand upon so still / love is all, from what i've heard, but my heart's learned to kill / oh, mine has learned to kill

07. Laura Marling - What He Wrote
begged him to stay in my cold wooden grip / begged him to stay by the light of this ship / me fighting him, fighting light, fighting dawn / and the waves came and stole him and took him to war

08. Mirah - We're Both So Sorry
i can't understand why you refuse my one request / just to press against my weaponry and then lay bare your chest / challenges like these can be won or lost or laid to rest / now we both agree to separate from the lonely castle steps / the kingdom is destabilized, the watchtower unmanned / the bedroom lies abandoned and the future is unplanned / but we've got the past to remind us of love chivalrous and grand / and hey i'm sorry 'bout so much baby but i know you'll understand / i'm sorry 'bout so much baby but i know you'll understand

09. Johnny Cash - O Come Angel Band
my spirit loudly sings / thy holy ones, behold, they come / i hear the noise of wings / oh, bear my longing heart to Him / who bled and died for me / whose blood now cleanses from all sin / and gives me victory

10. Daniel Martin Moore - Lay Down Your Lonesome Burden
[ instrumental ]
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