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wrecking ball - a dean/cas mix

[ z i p ]

01. wavves - green eyes
will i fly high? maybe / soar high, soar right through it / green eyes, i'd run away with you / green eyes, 'cause i'm a fool / i try running away  / i'm just not fast enough

02. interpol - wrecking ball
can it be true? / nobody warned you / nobody told you to make up your mind / nobody told you that i could just waltz through and shake up your style / i'm inside like a wrecking ball through your mind / and i change it all from inside

03. menomena - rotten hell
i've got a stranglehold on this decision / all those opposed can rot in hell / any day now the words will form a sentence / you'll be reduced to nothingness / wading through this mess together / hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder / some may stumble / some may fall behind

04. wild beasts - two dancers (ii)
o, do you want my heart between your teeth? / your hands are curling up like floating leaves / ... / o, unpluckable flower of the moon / o, untetherable bird of the blue / you who shall deserve

05. as tall as lions - maybe i’m just tired
i want you to know / right from hello / your love just kept me wondering / well maybe i'm just tired / tired of never knowing / i know i'm not good enough for you / if i can be saved / show me the way

06. mono - follow the map

07. coldplay - hurts like heaven
see the arrow that they shot, trying to tear us apart / fire from my belly and the beat from my heart / still i won't let go / still i won't let go / ... / oh you use your heart as a weapon / and it hurts like heaven

08. evening hymns - cedars
send for me a spirit guide / send for me a ghost / you became my shadow / when i was driving down the coast / lit up the stars in the desert / reveal the bending of the night / i held onto your hand and i got pulled into the light

09. department of eagles - phantom other
what would it take? / what would it take to make you leave? / what would it take? / what would it take to make you listen? / my god in heaven / what were we thinking?

10. the national - start a war
we expected something / something better than before / we expected something more / you were always weird but i never had to hold you by the edges like i do now / you were always weird but i never had to hold you by the edges like i do now / walk away now and you’re gonna start a war

11. 65daysofstatic - these things you can’t unlearn

12. ashes divide - ritual
and you say when your knives and your mouth come unfurled / from the cage theoretical stones that mean nothing but they go straight through me / cause we use some terrible words / which always sends me crippled into flight / you say it's not too late, we can change / i say hurry up and help me touch the ground tonight / please say the words / you and i keep falling farther away / it's become a ritual

13. gotye - somebody that i used to know
you can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness / like resignation to the end, always the end / ... / but you didn't have to cut me off / make out like it never happened and that we were nothing / and i don't even need your love / but you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough / no you didn't have to stoop so low / have your friends collect your records and then change your number / i guess that i don't need that though / now you're just somebody that i used to know

14. fever ray - i’m not done (r/d remix)
so i lost my head a while ago / but you seem to have done better / we set fire in the snow / it ain't over / i'm not done / some do magic / and some do harm / i'm holding on / holding on / i'm holding on to a straw / ... / one thing i know for certain / oh i'm pretty sure / it ain't over / i'm not done

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