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01. WHETSTONES | deb talan
something about your eyes / something that might / melt the winter in my heart / like a tongue touching snow / because the way you move is dancing / while your mouth says funny things / i'm staring at your neck / thinking, thinking / could i rest my faith in there / and stay a while?

02. FADED FROM THE WINTER | iron & wine
you're a poem of mystery / you're the prayer inside me / spoken words like moonlight / you're the voice that i like

03. THIEF IN THE SKY | carina round
eyes like headlights heading straight into me / ... / softest kiss and summer heat / you put the storm, the storm / inside of a heart of concrete / morning comes around like a thief in disguise / time like tail lights, always moving away from me / i stay up, i stay up every, every night thinking of / thinking of you

04. ALL MY MISTAKES | the avett brothers
i made decisions some right and some wrong / and i let some love go i wish wasn't gone / these things and more i wish i had not done / but i can't go back / and i don't want to / 'cause all my mistakes / they brought me to you

05. SWIMMING IN THE FLOOD | passion pit
then i lie naked in a rampage / in the flesh, face to face with the onset / i forget everything that's ever made me / rise again / now slowly leave my memory / what can i do? / the river's overrun / we're swimming in a flood, you know? / i thought i felt your touch / but the water's rising up / now all my lovers raise their cups

06. DON'T WAKE ME UP | the hush sound
i am such a haunted soul / your ghost has gone to bed / it's all cold / the light had slipped through the window / the morning ripped you away, oh / don't wake me up / i am still dreaming / the story's undone / unravel at the seams / don't wake me up / death is misleading / and when i fall asleep / sleep with a ghost

07. WHERE DO MY BLUEBIRDS FLY | the tallest man on earth
and i know our song is over and heavy as i see dry leaves fallin' down, oh / with all this fever in my mind, i could drown in your kerosene eyes / oh, you're just a riddle in the sky / oh, where do my bluebirds fly? / ... / oh, well i know you soak your feathers baby upon the ghosts along my trail / ... / with all this fever in my mind i could aim for your kerosene eyes / oh, you're just a target in the sky / i say where do my bluebirds fly?

08. LANTERN | josh ritter
i'll hold it high for you 'cause i know you've got / hold it high for you your own valley to walk / i'll hold it high for you though it's dark as death / i'll hold it high for you and then gets darker yet / i'll hold it high for you though your past seems lost / i'll hold it high for you through the thieves and rocks / i'll hold it high for you i'll keep you safe from harm / i'll hold it high for you until you're back in my arms / be the light in my lantern, light in my lantern tonight

09. SWING LOW, SWEET CHARIOT | she & him
i looked over jordan and what did i see? / coming for to carry me home / a band of angels coming after me / coming for to carry me home / swing low, sweet chariot / coming for to carry me home

Bonus Track:
10. ON YOUR WINGS | iron & wine
god, there are guns growing out of our bones / god, every road takes us farther from home / all these men that you made / how we wither in the shade / of your trees, on your wings / we are carried to the sea / god, give us love in the time that we have

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